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What kind of ppl are in2 dubstep?


I gotta be honest, I am not really that into dubstep, I am basically just 'reacting' to it invading the mainstream indiesphere. Artists like James Blake, Jamie xx, Thommy York, and Skrillex are trying to go 'dubstream', but at the same time, there are probably tons of other totally authentic underground dubstep artists like burial, and the tranny bro in this video, hyping up her new single that is totally hot!

I am sorta interested in the future of the dubstep aesthetic. Figuring out who will ultimately 'own' the genre, who will be remembered as the #1 dubstepper of all time? Is it an authentic genre, or just a 'flavor of the week' aesthetic that Britney Spears utilized and then tons of lamestreamer Middle Americans tried too hard to be like, "I'm totally gonna pump this out of my car stereo."

Really into this dubstep tranny's dubstep single 'dropping' on iTunes. It gives me hope that instead of starting a chillwave lofi buzzband, I can just hire a random ass electro bro producer and then sing nasty lyrics over it with really dark vocal effects. Is it time to become an authentic dubstepper, or is this trend totally lamestream now?

Srsly though....What kind of ppl are in2 dubstep?
a) electro bros
b) altbros
c) UK bros
d) tweens
e) tranny bros
f) tranny broads
g) lamestreamers
h) mainstreamers
i) post-chillwavers
j) Hot Topic tweens
k) buff dude bros who partie hard
l) Pitchfork-wave music critic bros
m) ppl who read NME
n) ppl who hang out on mssg boards and talk abt music
o) ppl who don't listen to internet music
p) ppl who used to listen to Linkin Park
q) Britney Spears fans
r) ppl who think Radiohead is the best band in the world
s) Bros are are still into the whole Banksy/Burial anonymous aesthetic
t) Ppl who drink Mountain Dew
u) Ppl who used to be into Taking Back Sunday
v) Bros who wear cologne
w) Bros who want vagines and bosoms
x) Bros who own headphones that cost over $300
y) Ppl who play violent video games
z) Choose.Ur.Own.Response

Is dubstep 'relevant' or just a 'BS electro fad'?
WTF is 'dubstep'?
Who invented dubstep?
Does the Tranny Bro's dubstep single seem amazing?

Please share any info abt dubbystepp that u have in the comments section of this post.

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