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I just want to accumulate more products that represent me.

I am going 2 blog about more products and how these products will make me a better person/make my life more meaningful/make my personal brand more alt.

<3 <3 <3 <3
N E WAYS.... here's some stuff I've been 'online window shopping' 4.
<3 <3 <3 <4 <5

Should I buy these headphones by Ed Banger & WeSC? I've always wanted a pair of ED PHONES. They will probably make the music sound better out of my iPod/ableton.

These look like something that come with a Fisher Price toy and have shitty audio quality. The only people I can see buying these are 13 year old tween alts, or 'Euro Electro House D-bag FGGTs.'
Do u think it will hurt Justice's image when they are contractually obligated to wear these sillie lookin things?

Is it time that Ed Banger starts to look for a new aesthetic just for the sake of keeping things fresh? Time 2 Fire SoMe?

Should I buy this moustache necklace thingy?

Do u think it will make me look as authentically quirky alt (NappyDynamite) as the girl in the pic? Is her life meaningful?
Should I buy these leggings made by MEMBERS ONLY? They are made out of rubber. I wonder if that will feel better than American Appy Leggings or LindZay Lohan's "Tired of Leggings Starting" Leggings Fashion Line.

SRSLY tho... Members Only should stick to making jackets. That would be kind of like McDonalds turning into a record label/blog hybrid business model.
[Style Bay Area]
Should I buy this zany t-shirt?

It represents me for me (except it's not in Arial/Helvety).

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Tools for Myspace

This self-portrait arm will enable you to take better pictures of yourself. For some people, an arm's length away isn't enough, especially if your arms are short and chubby.

I'd recommend this product for high angle shots. It will really help to emphasize your jaw line.

Buy it here.

[@ SwissMiss]

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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EXCLUSIVE: Lana Del Rey spotted shopping at Urban Outfitters.

lana del rey shopping urban outfitters
What if I told you that Lana Del Rey was just like you and me: she went shopping at alternative retailers to buy clothes that would fall apart within 2 months? Well, she is, which is why Lana Del Rey was spotted shopping at Urban Outfitters. According to this EXCLUSIVE HISPTER RUNOFF FAN REPORT + STALKER PHOTO:

Vassup lil carles? I was at urban outfitters in Soho today and I saw the bb Lana shopping with this guy. They were touching on each other... What would Marilyn say!?

What do u think LDR is buying?
Some wacky t-shirts with bullshit on them?
Some dumb blog-to-books?
'Entry level alt whore' outfits?

Maybe Lana Del Rey is trying 2 be alt again?
Who is the mystery man that she is canoodling with?
Is Lana Del Rey dating Marilyn Manson?
Does LDR at Urby make u want to shop there more or less?
Does LDR look good, bb?

Pitchfork PANS Best Coast's crappy Urban Outfitters clothing line

Pitchfork 'unveiled' clothing items from Bethan Cosentino's Urban Outfitters collection. Unfortunately, the ratings 4 each of the looks leave us wondering if Best Coast achieved design/fashion greatness in her work.

bethany cosentino urban outfitters
3.2: "I've used better rags to wipe period blood from the bathroom floor while I did a design internship making chicken fries at Burger King during high school. This line should be recycled into scraps, and marketed as single-ply toilet paper."

best coast uo clothes
2.3: "The crop top look reminds me of a recent trip to the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro, where I reached out to a street walked to purchase sex. When I got back to my hotel, it turned out that said hooker was in fact a man. However, I'll never forget the ethnic flair in her clothes, and the size of his penis, which leaves us wanting more from Cosentino's thrift store looks."

1.2: Bethany Cosentino claims that her collection was influenced by the 1990s, Clueless, and Stevie Nicks. It seems as though Cosentino is the clueless one, making a Hocus Pocus witch cape and trying to say it is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks Rumors-era. Right now, Stevie Nicks is rolling over in her grave. In fashion, one day you are in, and the next day you are out. It seems as though Best Coast was never even in attendance.

0.0: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified. He eventually rose again after suffering, dying, and being buried. We will never know how heavy the cross He carried exactly was, though some historians claim it must have been upwards of 70 lbs, depending on the wood. However, all we can say is that the cross on this young model's neck carries more inherent shame and remorse than the cross which Jesus carried to his death. UGH. And those pockets! What are they 4?

Was P4k 'too hard' on Bethany Cosentino?
Should they just let alt tweens dress how they wanna dress?
R u excited abt seeing lamestreamers dress like Bethany?
Do u want to buy the Bobb Bruno Chill AZN Bro fashion line?
What do u think of her looks?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Indie cat lady Best Coast announces clothing line "Bethany Cosentino for Urban Outfitters."

best coast bethany cosentino fashion line urban outfitters
Bethany Cosentino is desperate for mainstream fame. Best Coast is doing her best to try to become 'the next Zooey Deschanel', even though she still has a trashy C-list alt celeb BF in WAVVES. Her next album is going to be all about converting mainstream tweens to her fem-wave alt rock crappy grunge sound, appealing to the Hello Giggles and Rookie Mag markets. Not sure if the album is going to be 'huge' or 'completely tank,' but it seems clear that indie critics are getting ready to 'pan' it, and larger content farms will be ready to blindly 'hype' her just to get a few hits, in case she does something controversial.

Anyways, she tweeted that she has a new clothing line for Urban Outfitters called "Bethany Cosentino", which makes sense because she usually looks like she threw on some over-priced thrift store garbage outfit. I guess that's what fuzzy buzzy tweens want to look like. I have no idea if this picture is even 'real', or if it is just some random ass broad in a Bethany Cosentino outfit.

Do u think her clothes come pre-coated with cat hair and day-old dank smell?

There's something refreshing about Bethany's personality on Twitter to lamestreamers, because she always takes on the 'OMG! This is crazy! Such big thangs poppin for Lil Ole Me! I'm livin my dream!' Bethany Cosentino is already rumored to drive a high priced Mercedes.

Only time will tell if Best Coast will be able to 'go mainstream', but more importantly, is the AZN BRO in her band getting a cut of fashion sales, or is she trying to monetize without him?

Do u <3 or h8 Best Coast?
R u gonna buy her clothes?
R u excited 2 see lamestream wannabe alt suburban tweens dressing like ur favorite indie cat lady?
Is Bethany Cosentino a 'fashion icon' or a 'fashion wannabe'?
Do u shop at Urby, or do their clothes always end up falling apart?
Is Bethany Cosentino 'a mainstreamer' who gets covered by indie blogs?
Can she build enough 'backlash' to 'go LDR', or will no1 even care abt her?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Urban Outfitters stock is in 'the shitter', CEO resigns. Are alt retailers dying?

Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells funnie meme tshirts, hoodies, striped shirts, flat shoes for girls, dumb blog-to-books, and colored clothes that alt tweens wear. They also sell quirky homegoods in some regions. It seems like they have 'fallen upon hard times', and their stock continues to plummet. I don't think this story means that their buzz stock is plummeting, but their actual 'money stock', however that works. This is truly a dark day for alternative retailers. U always hear that Am Appy is 'in the shitter'. What will happen if Urby Outtie goes under? Will we be forced to shop at online vintage stores and J.Crews?

It is s000 bad that even the CEO resigned because he has lost touched with the zeitgest of alt.

Urban Outfitters Inc. said that Glen T. Senk, its chief executive, has resigned and will be succeeded by co-founder and Chairman Richard Hayne.

Shares of the retail company, which operates the Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN and Urban Outfitters brands, fell as much as 17% to $24.24 in midday trading Wednesday.

'Anthropologie actually has a lot of nice stuff.' -some cunty girl

Anyways, URBY is in CRISIS MODE. I wonder if they will start closing down stores in the widest reaches of suburbia.

Urban Outfitters has suffered from four quarters of sales declines, a problem the company has blamed on tough competition and poor fashion choices that forced markdowns to clear inventory.

Does Urby have 'poor fashion'?
Do u wear Urby?
Does Urby 'try too hard' to start trends, or does it 'adapt to trends' way too late?

Do u think the Navajos ruined Urby Outtie?

A spate of bad publicity has also added to the company's woes. Last year, a jewelry designer accused the retailer of stealing her designs, prompting shoppers to try starting a boycott. Later, the Navajo Nation demanded that Urban Outfitters remove the word "Navajo" from descriptions of its products online (the Navajo Nation holds trademarks on the word).

Does Urban Outfitters deserve 2 die?
R u worried abt #urby?
Will the formative alt retailers 'go out of business'?
How can we save alt retail?
Why did Urby 'go wrong'?
Does Urby make 'shit clothes'?
Would u rather smear ur own poo all over ur own body?
HAve u ever worked at an 'Urban'?
Is there a UO at ur local suburban mall?
Is UO 'where fashion goes to die/be worn by wannabe alt tweens'?


Some Am Appy billionaire investor sells off his shares--is Am Appy 'in the shitter'?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Financial News: Urban Outfitters is in MAJOR FINANCIAL TROUBLE bc no1 wears skinny jeans any more

American Apparel and Urban Outfitters are the two major alt retailers from the glory days of alt, but then they had to be 'more than an alt niche brand' and become a mainstream, sustainable business. But now, it seems like both retailers 'might be effed' after the news came that Urby Outfitters stock is 'in the shitter' after a 'disastrous quarter.' I knew I shouldn't have hired an alt financial advisor who told me to invest in as many alt retailers as possible. :-(

The retailer's stock plunged nearly 17 percent yesterday after it blamed disappointing fourth-quarter earnings on flopped fashions at its namesake chain and Anthropologie stores. Shares fell $6.33 to $31.66.
The results marked the second straight lackluster quarter for the Philadelphia-based retailer, rare stumbles for what many industry insiders view as among the best-run operations of the past decade.

Do u own shares of Urby Outty, or just a few vintage tees from there?
Do u still shop at Urban Outfitters?
Have u ever been employed by Urby/Am Appy?

Apparently, skinny jeans are no longer fashionable, and having an inventory stocked with 'alt hipster trends' doesn't really help ur brand/business:

Some fashion observers fret that a multiyear craze for skinny pants is losing steam without a clear trend to pick up the slack.

An even bigger problem for Urban Outfitters may be its recent hodge-podge of clothing in drab colors that is "without a clear point of view," said analyst Jennifer Black. That's worrisome for investors as competition from other trendsetters intensifies.

"It used to be you'd walk into Urban Outfitters and it was all about the dress or it was all about military," Black said. "Now I don't know what it stands for. I just see a lot of stuff that's unflattering."

Do ppl still wear skinny jeans?
Or have alts 'gained too much weight'?

Did ppl just realize that Urban Outfitters sells 'crap' and u might as well just go 2 a vintage store if u want to dress urself in garbage?
Can Urby Outfitty 'rebound'?
Can u shop at Urban Outfitters 2 wear clothes 2 ur cubicle desk job?
Do Am Appy and Urby Outty need to 'rebrand' and sell clothes to heft lamestreamers?
Do u hope alternative retailers survive, or do they deserve 2 'go under'?
Is 'alt' dying?
What kind of jeans/pants do u wear now?
Do u just shop at WalMart and wear sweatpants?

Has Urby lost its 'point of view'?
Do u ever walk into an Urby and think "What a big pile of maltstream poo"?
Do they need to stop selling so many weird knick-knacks, crappy meme blog-to-books, and doo-dads?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Toro Y Moi debuts album stream on Urban Outfitters instead of NPR

toro y moi dog dancing black asian
In the modern indie scene, it has become 'the norm' to allow your fans to stream the album before they buy it. Basically 'it leaks anyways' so might as well just let ppl have a taste b4 they DL it to put it on their iPod. Many artists choose to 'debut' their stream at NPR because a bunch of overground cool dads will actually click-thru and purchase the album from iTunes/amazon. However, it seems like Toro Y Moi debuted the stream of his upcoming album Underneath the Pine at Urban Outfitters, a popular alt clothing store. Must be trying to break in2 alt tween markets or something instead of trying to get cool dads 2 purchase this album.

Was this a 'savvy business move' by Toro Y Moi?
Or is NPR 'way too lame' to even 'appreciate' Torbro's new album?

Urban Outfitters also made the music video for the song "New Beat."

Does this video 'crush it' or did u sorta just skip around?

Here is Urby asking Chazzy 'why did u let us make ur video?'

What made you decide to let Urban Outfitters make your video?
What appealed to me about deciding to work with Urban for the video was knowing the amount of exposure it would get, and the fact that we had a decent budget to fit our needs. I talked to the videographer about several ideas, and we ended up with something that was both cinematic and fun.

Seems honest.
Do u think he would have received more exposure if he debuted it on AOL's new hit property the Huffington Post?

They also asked him this question abt his iPod

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
I think I have some Thursday on there—I've been trying to get that off for the longest time.

Will the next Toro Y Moi album sound like Thursday [via Understanding in a Car Crash]?
Do u <3 Toro Y Moi's latest hit album?
Is it better than Cut Copy's album?
Will it get above an 8.6 or below an 8.6?
Has Torbro avoided the MGMT 'sophomore curse'?
Chaz Bundick glasses
How do u feel about early 2k11?
Is chillwave 'dead'?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Urban Outfitters now selling clip-on bangs made from human hair

In case yall didn't know, 'bangs' are a relevant alternative hair fashion trend for alternative females. Bangs come in multiple forms, enabling women to look all keut and potentially alt. However, some girls can't grow bangs, or they don't want to take the huge risk of cutting them and looking 'dumb.' This is why Urban Outfitters created 'clip on bangs.'

It seems like these 'clip on bangs' are 4 girls who want bangs, but don't want to risk cutting their hair. Maybe I will get a pair. From what I heard, tons of African American women already wear 'clip on hair' and miscellaneous 'weaves', so maybe this is just another example of how alternative culture 'steals' from pre-existing culture.

R u gonna get clip on hair at Urban Outfitters? Sorta wish I coulda donated my hair 2 be re-sold at Urban Outfitters instead of 'growing it down to my butt', then donating it to 'Locks of Love.'

* 100% human hair
* Hand wash
* Imported
* 8"l
* Web exclusive

Simple clip-on bangs made with 100% natural human hair, so you can curl, cut, color and style just like your own hair. Now you can have super chic blunt bangs without the commitment of cutting your own hair. This fabulous fringe looks real, feels real and stays put! The hair should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the hair appears dull or acquires an odor. If you are wearing the hair all day, every day, you can wash them after 3-4 wearings.

Do u wear clip on hair?
Is clip on hair 'mad sexy' or 'mad tacky'?
Are hair extensions for 'tacky white ppl'/people who think that they are 'famous'?

Are clip on bangs going 2 be the next relevant alt trend?
R u going to buy these bangs and 'remix them [via chopped and screwed]'?
Should I just start wearing a series of wigs that have different alt hair styles?
Is Urban Outfitters just 'selling this shit' to 'go viral' on 'alt blogs'?
Should I start a hair farm?
Does n e 1 know where I can find a Donation Station for Urban Outfitters hair reselling?
Is clip on hair 'mad tacky'?
Do u miss the search for the perfect alternative bangs? [link]

Miss u bang era

Urban Outfitters rebrands with an ugly new logo

It seems like in 2k10, every company is trying to rebrand, creating a new logo that makes their brand seem modern/bad ass/etc. I remember when GAP made a new logo, but then ppl on the internet were like 'that is ugly + stupid, yall', and then they changed it [link].

Urban Outfitters decided to create a new logo. I don't even know if they have an official logo. Maybe this is just a crappy logo that they put up on their website to drive traffic after the new GAP logo got so much internet buzz. Probably just trying to design something way dumber, see if it is a good marketing gimmick.

Does Urby Outtie have an official logo? Do they have a 'flexible logo' that represents constant evolution + 'now-ness'? Do logos grow old and die? Should Coca Cola rebrand [via cursive]?

Do u think they used Microsoft Word Art to design their logo? Is the Adobe Creative Suite 'overrated'?

Do u believe in the power of graphic design?
Is Urban Outfitters a legit store, or the ultimate entry level over-priced thrift store?
Why do u think Urby Outfitters is doing well, but Am Appy is 'swirling down the shitter'?
Do u think re-branding helps brands sell more goods?
Does this logo 'crush it'?
R u gonna start using Microsoft Word / Word Art 2 do most of ur designing?
What is 'the new aesthetic' now that the Helvetican look is 'dead'?
Is the new Myspace logo the #1 re-brand of 2k10? [link]

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Misguided Alt Teen gets new tattoo, shops at Urban Outfitters


Recently, a misguided alt teen vlogged about getting a tattoo. The tattoo had cursive writing of some quote from some alt band. In addition, the tween vlogged about going to Urban Outfitters and purchasing some cool tshirts and expensive jeans.

Half of the vlog is spent discussing a conversation he had with a substitute gym class teacher about how awesome his hair is. Do u like his long nu-emo bang?

At the conclusion of the video, the alt went to Subway to meet up with his friend who was 'closing.' Presumably, this alt would get a free sandwich from his friend. What type of bread + toppings do you think he got?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Urban Outfitters will launch wedding brand by 2011

In order to tap into emerging markets of consumer alts who are growing up and getting married, Urban Outfitters plans to launch a wedding + bridal brand by Valentine's Day 2k11. Feels like alternative people all over the world are growing older, and we are watching brands evolve to meet the growing/changing needs of their customers. Worried. Like people won't be able to wear form fitting v-necks and skinny jeans 4evr.

Can't believe Urby Outty is such a mega company that makes 'billions of dollars' off the consumer alt aesthetic. Apparently they made $1.9 billion in sales and $220 million in profit in 2009. Seems like a lucrative industry:

Retailer Urban Outfitters is planning to launch a wedding brand after posting a record profit in 2009.

Officials at Urban Outfitters Inc. said during a conference call Thursday that the company will open a new bridal business in time for Valentine's Day 2011.

Chief Executive Officer Glen Senk says the brand will focus on gowns, accessories, decor and gifts.

Senk says the Philadelphia-based company's Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie stores frequently sell to brides and bridal parties, so a foray into the wedding industry makes sense. The new brand is yet to be named.

Company research indicates the average wedding costs about $45,000 and brides spend $4,500 on clothing and accessories.

R u gonna spend 'a shitload of money' on ur wedding?

Is Urban Outfitters an authentic place to shop, or is it a place for tweens trying 2 be alt?

Do yall want to marry a girl who wants a wedding dress from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, a boutique designer, or a mainstream high end department store?

Will American Apparel go after the 'Generation Y growing up and getting married' demographic by releasing a minimal bro wedding tuxedo, or will they continue to focus on t-shirts / leggings / underwear?

What kind of wedding dress represents ur personal brand?

Will Urban Outfitters wedding dresses be 'fashionable' or will they be made from cheap materials/fall apart?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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