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Warped tour

The guy from Everclear tries 2 stay relevant, signs autographs at WARPED TOUR

Everclear is a popular alt rock band from the 1990s that was 'totally edgy' because they sang about divorce, and being a societal misfit. I think they 'totally rocked' and used to sing about doing heroin, but then they got 'MTV famous', became cool dads, and eventually started singing boring ass songs about the American Family. Sorta like what would have happened to Nirvana if Kurt Cobain had stayed alive.

Is Everclear the original Best Coast? [via 1990s alt rock about drugs + the Beach + relationships]


Anyways, the lead singer of Everclear, Art Alexakis, seems to have had a 'gig' at a Warped Tour show. Not sure how hard he rocked, or if any1 was chilling at his stage. Seems like he is just signing some autographs.

Are autographs by musicians even 'worth anything'?

Just wish I could have gone to a WARPED TOUR and chilled with a bunch of scene tweens in the middle of a horse racing track.

Did yall ever listen 2 Everclear?


Is Everclear 'hella gay'?


Do u think Everclear gets pissed that Blink 182 is still 'making mad bank' and they are probably stuck played side stages at WARPED TOUR?
Is WARPED TOUR a festival for scene bands or retired cool dad bands?
Will buzzbands sound live Everclear in 2k12?
What formative alt rock bands did u vibe out to when u were a formative alt?
Should Art Alexakis 'hang it up' and just chill out like a cool dad?
Do u think Pitchfork will 'rate' the next Everclear album just to humiliate them?
Will indie sound like Everclear in the post-The_Suburbs era?
Should Everclear / Hole 'sue' Best Coast?

Screamo Alts have a facebook convo abt how they are pumped 4 Warped Tour

From what I understand, Warped Tour is sort of like 'the Hot Topic' of music festivals. They sort of appeal to the whole 'emo', 'screamo', 'alt rock', 'goth', 'dark', 'skater' tween demographic. I think a lot of those weird dark retail alts are pretty into that music where people are yelling, then singing in lil emo voices are the same people who find Owl City to be 'the deepest band in the world.' N e ways...WARPED TOUR seems like the kind of 'festival' that travels across the country, stopping in high density suburban tween alt communities to perpetuate the 'purgatory alt' brand. Sorta like the place where lil Mexis have chest tattoos, v-necks, and 'scene haircuts.'

N e ways, a couple of Screamo Alts had a convo about how they are 'pumped' abt Warped tour coming 2 town.

Initially, a screamo looking bro 'brags' that he is going to WARPED TOUR.
Several people then 'like' this status update to brand themselves with Warped Tour
A bro then claims that it will be 'amazingly brutal' in a hardcore inspiring kind of way. Tons of moshing probs.
A few people say that they are 'jealous.'
The original bro who posted the status update, the 'brags' about the festival lineup, and how 'sick' it is going 2 be.

At the tail end of the thread, a bro and some girl get 'testy' about which bands are worth seeing. They both claim that certain bands are 'awesome' and others aren't 'all that. It seems like in the end, they just 'agree to disagree', but the bro is still 'a pimp baller' cuz he gets to go to Warped Tour.

This facebook thread is kinda like indie rock music discussions. Some people 'love' some buzzbands that are people think are 'absolute shit.' U know the old saying..."One man's buzzband is another man's poopy fart noises." -Carles, 2010

It doesn't matter what kind of music u listen 2--every1 is gonna have opinions on what they <3 and what they h8. Wish we could all get along, and vibe out to all kinds of music, but then again, maybe if I truly believed in music equality, then it would make my taste less influential + the soundtrack of my life less meaningful.

Wish screamo retail alts would stop listening to that garbage, though. Wish they could understand that they are 'trapped' in lower middle class suburban culture, and that they can 'free their minds' and pursue something more authentic in the indiesphere. Honestly feel like every time I blog, I am on a 'social mission', on a quest for buzzband authenticity.

Have yall ever been 2 Warped Tour?
Is it mad authentic alt?
Do they have skateboarders AND screamo bands?
Have u heard of Attack Attack or Confide?
What is a good name for type of alt who attends Warped Tours?
Do people who go to Warped Tour shop at Pacific Sun, Hot Topic, Black Fly, or Hollister?
Or do they wear a 'pupu platter' of weird retail alt clothes and accessories?
Will Shaun White/Tony Hawk win a gold medal at the next Warped tour?
Do u think CONFIDE will play their cover of the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights"?


miss the freckle in yalls eye....

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