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Are Chillwave Bros Depressed?


I was looking at some pictures of chillwave artists in SUP MAGAZINE. I feel worried about them. It looks like they have a lot going on in their minds. Like maybe stressed out, or something. You might recognize Ernest Greene, the lead singer of Washed Out. But if you saw him on the street, would u think he was one of 2k9's most successful new musicians?

Even Neon Indian bro seems like he has been going on a lot of long walks. Looks like his mind is cloudy, overwhelmed with worry.

Photos by SUP Magazine

Probably a lot of pressure. So many people want to 'get at u', offer you money so that they can take your brand to the next level. But you're just one bro. You just made some songs on the compy. Asking yourself, "Why is there even a backlash against me?" Being in a buzzband must be a post-absurd experience. Pretty isolating. Like very few people would even be able to understand the problems and pressure in ur life.

Going to just chill. Free my mind. Drink an iced coffee.

Still feel empty, even after the barista made me the perfect iced coffee. 'My Glass is Half Empty.'

2k10 is here, and most artists have a lot to think about. There is so much pressure on all musicians and mp3 blogs to stay 'now.' Ultimately, there is a new meme + trend cycle on the horizon, and we are all scared of being left behind. The more we openly talk about the state of the modern alt scene, the better equipped we are to move forward and help one another stay relevant. We cannot be paralyzed by fear. We must confront our issues and become better humans.

Life isn't easy. Even the most successful people have a stress. Sometimes u just need a friend. Sometimes u just need some1 to talk 2. Never be afraid to ask 4 professional help. Just be U. We will <3 u no matter what. U'll always be a part of us.

Is chillwave dead?
Is stresswave the new chillwave?
When will the first 'good' new band of 2k10 come out?
Why do u think they are so bummed?
Maybe we can't 'just chill' n e more... maybe it's time 2 want something more out of life...

What are the perks of being in a relevant buzzband? What are the pitfalls of being in a relevant buzzband?

I just watched this new video made by the Washed Out Bro (aka Ernest Greene). In the video, he showcases HD video footage of his honeymoon, featuring his newly acquired wife, on their vacation to some exotic location. You can see the beautiful images while listening to a promotional chillwave track. Juxtaposing the smooth sounds of chillwaves are a series of telephone messages from people who are looking for Ernest.


It's kinda weird how once you become a relevant, marketable product, covered by all of the most relevant eCommerce recommendation sites (altblogs), so many people want stuff from u. Whether it is a record label (Modular), a brand that puts on alternative concerts (the KIA soul tour), a 'relevant booking agency' (Billions), a pseudo-buzzband (Josh from the Small Black), miscellanous bros who 'want something from u', or even just friends, it seems like every1 wants a piece of Ernest Greene.

However, WashedOutBro is 'chilling' on his honeymoon with his wife. He is only accessible to the woman that he loves.

I wonder if 'having a wife/serious GF' makes you a better artist. Like you can focus on your craft, instead of seeking out rewards [via tugjobs] from entry-level alt fan girls at every stop on your North American tour. I feel like we could call this theory the AnCo Relationship Theory. All three members of Animal Collective are in 'serious relationships/marriages' (some with kids). It seems like they have only become 'mad relevant/successful' since they have found people who probably give them the space and support system that they need to be 'artists.'

It's kinda weird how Washed Out 'gave up on alt celeb perks' before his touring/entire career had even taken off. Do u think he will begin 2 regret 'what could have been', or will he be happy with his decision since it will allow him to 'truly chill' for the rest of his life?

Maybe the chillwave genre is more about 'moving forward with family values' as opposed to 'escapism' [via chilling]. Maybe chillwave is more about 'chilling with a wife' as opposed to 'chilling with a group of bros.' Maybe chillwave will help the former altbros of electro begin to transition into adult life.

What would do if u were in a budding hype-band? Would u 'use it to get alternative sex'? Would u try to marry some1 who 'knew u before u were an alt celeb'? Would u try to marry some1 who 'only loved u because of ur status as an alt celeb'? Were Ben Gibbard + Zooey Deschanel married for 'public relations/marketing' purposes?

When u become a buzzband, so many ppl who u don't know 'want something from u.' Maybe u just need some1 who wants/likes/loves u for u, even if you weren't a buzzworthy, monetizable artist.

See unwatermarked photo here.

(wonder how much pitchfork paid for these exclusive wedding photos. wonder when an alternative website will pay for baby photos. Can't believe the alt blogosphere has entered the paying for wedding/baby photo meme era.)

Wondering if Panda Bear 'invented' chillwave back before we even knew it...

Panda Bear Untitled (eventually AnCo's Guy's Eyes)

I really want to do just what my body wants to
I really want to do just what my body needs to
I really want to show to my girl that I want her (and I do)
I really want to show to my girl that I need her (and I do)
If I could just hold all the thoughts in my head and just keep them for you
If I could just purge all the urges that I have and keep them for you
I really want to show to my girl that I need her
I keep it locked right now

Need her
-Panda Bear/Animal Collective

//////feeling it all around
////maybe being alt famous/artistically relevant is not a gateway to a meaningful/sex-filled life...
////maybe u need to 'shack up' with some1 before u r 'successful.'
////LoVe iS a HiGhWaY

The Evolution of the Chillwave Genre: What's Next 4 'chill wave' artists.

As yall know, in the 2k9 post-AnCoGrizzPhoenixBear world, the indiesphere generated a new genre of music to love/follow/listen 2 called 'chillwave.' Most authentic alts were there to watch the chillwave genre 'get off the ground', getting 'tons of mad blog hype buzz' from relevant mp3 blog tastemakers. Now that chillwave has grown up a lil bit, chillwave artists are required to 'tour', and take their band/brand to the next level.

A key element of the chillwave era was that the members of your band/project were required to be unknown/from an obscure place. Sorta weird how these bands consisting of 'Jim Nobody from Nowhereville USA' are now becoming 'must-see' acts on 'the festival circuit', etc. Sorta feel pressured to see them before 'too many people know about them.' I honestly feel like the first time I see a blogbuzz band live will be the last time I see them. I guess the Arcade Fire was right when they said, "Funeral."

These are the three 'largest' chillwave artists, and an analysis of their live performances.

Live Performance: Washed Out (A much 'hyped' CMJ debut in NYC).


As you can see, WASHED OUT bro went with a '1 man band behind a Macbook' setup, utilizing some 'sweet visuals', and also doing some live singing. It seems to be a good representation of the music, but how can Washed Out convert his show into a 'touring machine.' Maybe he could 'only play concerts in water parks [via wave pools] or something. I am not sure if WashedOutBro will have enough money to purchase a 'daft punk pyramid.' Maybe he could rent it while Daft Punk is not touring.

I sorta wish all bands had some sort of megastructure, similar to the Daft Punk Pyramid. It seems like concerts might be more exciting that way.

Photo via rez avissar

I have heard live reviews calling Ernest Greene 'very attractive.' It seems like he has the opportunity to brand himself as 'one of the most handsome men in indie music', sort of attracting tons of females to his shows, and building up alternative resentment [via untalented/angsty altbros]. Ultimately, this model was 'very successful' for Panda Bear's live show. I think Washed out should 'build solid visuals', and then protect his brand by 'only playing relevant shows where he can make mad bank.'  Possibly try to crowd out the 'generic DJs' and steal their potential earnings.

Live Performance: Neon Indian


Neon Indian was apparently '1 bro making an album in his bedroom', but his live performance consists of 3 additional band members. It seems like the '4 person band' model is 'very cross-over-able.'  This is important to capture the attention of mainstream bros, etc.  Most mainstreamers can really only consume live music if there is 'a band of 3+ members' or if there is a rap crew milling around on stage.

I am not sure what my expectations of Neon Indian are. Did I want them to 'be a band', 'be 1 bro on stage', or maybe just 'be the next AnCo.' It seems like it might be 'economically feasible' to lay off one of the band members and work towards a mainstream+conceptual textural live show.  It seems like they really 'look like a band.'  I feel like the Neon Indian bro might be implementing a boy-band-esque formula, where the members of the band are disposable & constantly feel pressure to add value/'look like a member of an alt band'/understand their role in the overall project.


Seems like Neon Indian might become one of those 'bands that plays at every festival'/comes to my local alt scene 2x per year.  Has the genre of 'sorority girls who go to music festivals' already caught on to Neon Indian?

Live Performance: Memory Tapes/Memory Cassette

Apparently, this 'chillwave' band does not perform live. I feel like this band was actually 'pre-chillwave' but sort of got 'lumped in afterwards' just cuz they had a few chillwave characteristics, but didn't really make pure chillwave music. I will probs download free MP3s by this band 4evr, but won't buy their vinyls until I am a rich bro in a meaningful loft with a shelf of vinyls.

Which chillwave band has the best/worst live model?
Which chillwave band will 'make it'/'go mainstream'/be 'the most authentic'?
Which chillwave band will u see first?
Which chillwave band will lead to the implosion of the chillwave genre?
Which chillwave artist will escape/out-live the chillwave era?
What's ur #1 musical memory of 2k9?

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ChillwaveGate--Do u feel violated/misled by sample-based music?

You might have heard of the recent genrefication of the 'chillwave movement', which was basically a non-collective effort by producers around the world who created mp3s that were lofi, chill, electro jams. Because all of this music was released within a 2 month period, the music media was fortunate enough to be able to 'group it together' in order to 'make it seem more meaningful/coverable.'

I was kinda sad when I found out that some of my fave chillwave hits were actually 'sample-based songs.' Apparently this is a 'problem' that has caused many indie music purist bros to 'shit down upon' much of the conceptualcore era music and chillwave music. I am conflicted. I feel like the music is 'good' and 'chill', but something inside of me 'wants 2 believe that all artists are responsible 4 coming up with their own riffs/melodies/ditties. Not sure how to feel about this 'epic chillwave scandal.'

Original Chillwave Hit: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
Sampled Song: Todd Rundgren - Izzat Love?


Original Chillwave Hit: Washed Out - Feel it All Around
Sampled Song: Gary Low - I Want You


Do u feel like a metaphorical rug has been pulled out from under U?
When u find out that music is 'sample-based', do u 'respect it less'?
Or do u say that 'finding a sample to use is an art that few musicians can master'?
Is chillwave 'bullshit' or 'legitter than ever'?

I know that rappers and mainstream artists use samples, but it makes me sad to know that 'indie musicians' aren't 'creative enough' to come up with their own melodies. Feeling misled, like it might be more authentic to

Seems like you can become 'a very lucrative artist' if you sample shitloads of artists from the past. Seems like Kanye West made 'a shitload of money' by ripping off songs that were already good.


I feel like I am supposed to consider Daft Punk to be 'authentic' even thought their entire albums are electro-fied reinterpretations of classic samples.


Maybe the best musicians in the world aren't actually 'original.' Maybe Girl Talk is a chill bro after all, since he only 'mashes up' songs, and doesn't 'rip them off.'

Hope that the chillwave era wasn't just a sham. Feeling naked (metaphorically), not sure who or what 2 believe. Just thought I was listening to good/chill/relevant music, but I guess that it is no longer just 'buzzworthy mp3s.' Seems like the mainstream has 'finally found out' about chillwave, and we might have to 'say goodbye' 2 those artists now that Rolling Stone 'wrote a profile on Washed Out.'

Chillwave was a genre created by the internet, 4 the internet?
Do u support sample-based music?
Is ur life a sample-based life?
Should there be some sort of indie music standards committee that limits the extent to which samples can be used in 'our scene'?
Should CDs/MP3s make it more clear that a song is sample-based, kinda like how products must list nutritional information/cigarettes must tell u that they will kill u?

Searching for a 'new aesthetic' now that summer is over. Want a new 'movement' to 'get jacked up about'/listen to on my iPoddy.

Previous 'Chillwave' Coverage

Is WASHED OUT the next Neon Indian/Memory Cassette?

Washed Out Feel It All Around
Washed Out You'll See It

It's kinda weird how the musicsphere is searching for a new 'authentic, undergroundish product' that isn't a huge brand like AnCo/GrizzBear/etc. People who 'love music' need new music to 'get excited about.' It seems like these 'conceptual, chill projects' are really 'starting to become mainstream alt rock' or something. Think that these are apparently the next artists who we will 'go to see at music festivals' before 'every1 finds out about them.'

I think that it demonstrates that a 'new band' can't have too strong of a 'personal brand'. It seems like if you start out being 'somewhat mysterious', then ppl can write abt u when they 'unmask' u. It's too easy to 'not take a band seriously' if you see pictures of them, and they look like dweebs/people who are 'trying too hard.' It seems easiest to have a chill project, that is somewhat 'conceptual' but also demonstrates that ur band has 'pop sensibilities' or something. Not sure what the 'ceiling' for these types of bands are. Seems like they will probably have to build their 'live brand' as being something that is 'artistic.' Most of these bands exist with 'a few strong singles', but seems like they will get enough 'promotion' [via maltstream weblogs+webzines] to be relevant in the market of people who 'buy songs off iTunes.'

Not sure if this genre has a name. Seems like it needs to have a name that is 'serious.' Here are some ideas for this 'genre.'

  • no-fi
  • post-AnCo rock
  • post-bloghause
  • GorillaVsBearcore
  • Chill Bro Core [via Butterteam]
  • Kewl Boring Music
  • Music 2 smoke weed 2
  • Synth Computer Pop Atmospheric Wave
  • GazeWave
  • ShitWave
  • CumWave
  • WaveWave
  • ShoeWave
  • Chillgaze
  • Pitchforkwavegaze
  • Blogrock
  • No-gaze
  • Blowgaze
  • GazeStep
  • post-electro
  • conceptro
  • ChillHouse
  • Browave
  • Conceptual Blog Core
  • ForkcastRock
  • Forkshit
  • No-fork
  • ZanyCore
  • Industrial
  • post-freakfolk
  • freakgaze

Feel like I might call it 'chill wave' music in the future. Feels like 'chill wave' is dominated by 'thick/chill synths' while conceptual core is still trying to 'use real instruments/sound like it was recorded in nature.' Feel like chillwave is supposed to sound like something that was playing in the background of 'an old VHS cassette that u found in ur attic from the late 80s/early 90s.'

Not sure if this genre is 'emerging' or if it is only just becoming 'properly monetized' now that there is a 'demand for it.' Do yall prefer 'Neon Indian' or 'Memory Cassette' or some other chillwave band? I feel like Washed Out might be my favourite chill wave artist, so far, but Neon Indian might have the 'strongest brand'/'highest possibility of becoming a legacy indie artist.'

What's yalls fave genre of music?

Washed out Myspace

You'll always be my chillwave bro, Ernest Greene [via Washed Out].

Ernest Greene
I'd like to personally apologize
for inventing chillwave
All these 'journalist hacks'
will ask u abt it 4evr
and that's my fault for coming up with some a chill ass genre name

Sometimes I wonder
when I finally 'die' from the internet
and I've written my last piece of content
Will 'chillwave' be my legacy?

The last thing ppl still talk abt
after my blog is flushed down the toilet
deleted from 'the cloud'

Broski? Is that u?
Holding a guitar?

Can u surf on chillwaves on a guitar?
I thought that brand of chill was 'Jack Johnson'-vibes
I guess that's trillchill

I remember u were a member of the maligned 'bleepy bloop' generation
Every1 was like 'those guys can't play instruments'
'they are just bedroom musicians'
But I guess ur proving all of 'the haterz' wrong

That's some tasteful merch

Even tho 'flower prints' are so0o0o urby outtie ~2k13.25
Ur all abt chill aesthetics
In a world where 'vibes' have been ruined [via losers excessively using the world 'vibe(s)']
U give us a vibe that we can all vibe 2

You've gotten so mnstrm
A fixture on 'sportscenter'
as a member of popular culture


All I know
Is that u've never let me down.
All I know
Is that ur <3 is pure

I've always felt it all around, bro
You've kept me feeling it.
We will nvr 4get

Thank u, Ernie Greene.

Remember the failed genre 'glo-fi'?
Remember when blogs 'mattered' in terms of 'curating' music?
Is chillwave the only thing 'authentic' from the consumer-indie generation?
Do u miss when things were abt chilling, and not abt heroin?
Who is the greatest historical chillwaver of all time?
Who is the most underrated chillwaver of all time?



Who invented chillwave?

Watch Washed Out get interviewed by some1 who has no effing clue who he is


You know it's a bad sign when an interview with a chillwave artist starts out with "THIS GUY IS THE CHILLEST EFFING GUY ON THE PLANET." That's my favorite part about SXSW, there's not only a bunch of buzzbands who don't even play good music everywhere, but there's even more 'bullshit journalists' who are half-assing interviews with people they don't know for the sake of generating content to try to keep a job in an industry that is dying, mainly because there's college kids who will do a better job of it, but more importantly be ENTHUSIASTIC about the job without the feeling of angst and entitlement.

Anyways, this interview is pretty funny because it is basically like a Wikipedia skim of the 'Washed Out' wikipedia entry, and then the generic questions that you ask a band that is at SXSW and/or on tour.

#SXSW: The Home of Buzz

It has to be the #1 place where buzzbands are interviewed by people who have 'no effing clue who they are.'

Did this interviewer 'nail it'?
Should they have asked a generic chillwave question, or did the publicist 'wave it off'?
Do u feel bad 4 Ernie?
Do u think Washed Out's "Within and Without" was a flop, was chill, and/or has 'held up over time'?
Do u <3 or h8 interviews with buzzbands?
Do u want a job to 'save' music journalism?

Washed Out releases new MP3. Is it chillwave enough?

washed out album art
Washed Out Amor Fati

Washed Out is launching his sophomore album cycle, and this is the second MP3 that he has brought 2 the public after "Eyes Be Closed." Every1 is basically trying 2 determine whether or not this song is chillwave, and if the chillwave genre still lives on, or if perhaps we can no longer Feel_it_all_around.

This song seemed chill, but also kinda dreamie. I wonder how well this album is going 2 on p4k. Does it sound innovative and trendy, or is p4k gonna 'execute' Washed Out as a blog-hit-wonder?

Sorta just feeling nostalgic 4 the days when I just started vibing 2 chillwave. I really felt that I was a truly chill bro at that time. But now I am less bro and less chill, forced 2 grow up and accept responsibilities.

Can Washed Out get a 10.0?
Do u think he should have named his album 'not so chill any more' so he wouldnt have had 2 answer lame questions from lamestream jounalists?
Will this album perform well critically and commercially?
Do u like this song better than his last?
Will he fall victim 2 the MGMT curse?
MGMT : Washed Out :: KIDS : Feel It All Around

BREAKING: Washed Out releases new MP3... is he still chillwave?

Washed Out Eyes Be Closed

Ernest Greene is a chillwave crooner from the Southern United States, and is widely credited as being the 'founding father of living a chillwave lifestyle.' I am not sure what 'crooner' means, though, but I think music journalists get 2 use that word to describe bros who sing. Anyways, Washed Out released the [BREAKING] [NEW] mp3 called "Eyes Be Closed".

Now he is on a mainstream indie label called SUBPOP, so they probably have some 'expectations' on him to 'sell mad records.' Do u think this is a 'strong' lead single? Does it 'capture' ur interest... or do u want him to just write a new album that is 10 'Feel It All Arounds' back-2-back-2-back [via the MGMT-KIDS theory]?

Many relevant music critics are monitoring the sophomore releases of Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, and Neon Indian... wondering... "Is chillwave dead?" "Did Chillwaves ever exist?" "Will part of the chillwave never die?"

...only time will tell.....

Do u <3 this song?
Have u ever romantically looked in2 some1's eyes and said... "May ur eyes... be closed...bb"?
Is 'chillwave' dead?
Will journalists still 'go hard' after the 'r u still chillwave' angles on this album cycle?
Is Ernest Greene still one of the hunkiest hunks in indie, and will his hunkiness help him 2 get more fans and go more mainstream?

Does his album art 'turn u on'?

BREAKING: Ernest Greene's wife joins Washed Out

Photo by Pam Cantu

Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, is about to start a new album cycle for his 'highly anticipated' 2k11 follow up album. It seems like he is really going to be in an indie armsrace for the 2k11 album of the year, one of the most sought after trophies since 2k9.

It seems like he invited his wife Blaire to join the new touring band. It seems like a good move, especially after the Ernest 'kicked the Small Black' out of his band to preserve a higher P4k score.

Wonder if Blair is gonna put Washed Out over the top, like maybe they will get a few more female fans to ride chillwaves. Do u think she forced her way into the band 2 be all like 'Listen all of u indie skanks--he is mine.' Hope she doesn't pull a Yoko Ono and ruin Washed Out's chill vibes.

Photo via erniegreenblogspots

Wonder if Ernest Greene is attempting to turn them into a top tier indie couple to deepen his indie brand + promote post-anco family values. He is some picture of them with the Beach Houses. I'm glad Ernie is chill, bc that Beach House dude really ruins vibes when I'm just trying to vibe out 2 my girl Vicki LeGranderton.

R u excited 4 the new Washed Out album in 2k11?
Do u want to build a time machine and skip the rest of 2k10?
Is letting ur wife join the band a constructive thing 2 do for ur relationship?
Do yall wish Ernie was single?

Do yall wish Blaire was single?
Do yall respect their relationship, and aspire to be a relevant indie power couple?

Will Ernest and Blaire Greene become the next big indie power couple?

Do yall think if Avey Tare had let Kria Brekken join AnCo, they wouldn't have gotten divorced? [link]

Jessica Alba tweets abt Washed Out, rides chillwaves

Jessica Alba is a mainstream celeb who has a 'sweet ass body' and has a lil bit of ethnic flair to her. I think people considered her 'hot' back when she was 18-22, but now she is older and and there are younger people to 'pleasure urself while thinking abt' so her 'fame' [via sex appeal] has sort of died off because no1 wants to think abt some1 who has popped kids out of their womb.

Anyways it seems like Jessica Alba tweeted about Washed Out, specifically the chillwave sensation's hit Life of Leisure EP. She was probably vibing super hard, and was like 'I'm just gonna throw down a tweet so mainstreamers who are in2 me start to get in2 indie music.'

Do u know what race Jessica Alba is?
Did u ever understand why ppl found Jessica Alba to be attractive?
Was it her sweet ass? Her ethnic look?

Do u wanna ride chillwaves with Jessica Alba? Would u 'tap that' mnstrm ass, or do u prefer alt a$$?
Should Ernest Greene pull an 'Avey Tare' on his wife [via Divorce] and try 2 get with Jessica Alba?

Do u think she is an authentic chillwave?
Do u remember the time Demi Lovato tweeted abt chillwave [link]?
Do u remember that 1 time Joe Jonas tweeted abt chillwave? [link]
Will this give chillwave a second life, or is chillwave dead?
Is Ernest Greene going to 'crush it' in 2k11?
Is Washed Out the #1 chillwaver?

Does n e 1 know some #groovytunes that I can vibe out 2?

Lamestreamers on Facebook talk about new buzzband Pashy Pit, recommend ‘checking out’ Washed Out

Was recently 'refreshing my minifeed wall' on Facebook, and saw two bros talking about buzzbands. Facebook really has emerged as 'the ultimate organic hype machine', a place where people share, find, discuss, and stream new music. Really pumped to connect with bros, talk about music, share new buzzbands + MP3s. Wonder if PING is gonna make facebook wall-2-walls about buzzbands 'totally irrelevant.'

Anyways, it seems like 2 alts were talking about Pashy Pit, and then some bro had to 'intervene' and let him know Pash Pit is mad entry level.

First, a bro is like 'aww hell yea! Loves the Pash Pit.' He invites every1 to let him know that he is awesome because he loves Passion Pit.

His best altbro comes in and is like "Dude.  that band is entry level, u gotta ride chillwaves with Washed out. Really ashamed 2 know u right now. Might unfriend ur ass."

Then the Pashy pit alt is kinda embarrassed, and is like, "u sure they are as good as Passion Pit? Plz don't unfriend me."

Washed Bro is like, "They are damn effing good. U gotta drop that Pash Pit shit, brah. They aren't even real indie artists--they just exist to score commercials with quirky music."

It seems like the Passion Pit alt is kinda embarrassed, and is just like, "Okay, I'll check them out.  Sorry. TTYL I guess.  Bye"

Kinda seems fun that an altbro cared enough about his bro to make sure that he evolved beyond the entry level sounds of Passion Pit. Feel like maybe 'true bro-hood' is all about making sure ur bros are as relevant as u. Would be ashamed of my bros if they 'publicly tweeted' their allegiance/fandom abt a crappy buzzband.

Did yall ever have to have a 'chillwave intervention' with ur bros?
Did u ever have to teach ur bros that the Arcade Fire was 'entry level 2k5 shit'?
Have u ever had to let ur bros know that their 'taste in music sux'?
Do u feel like u have 'the best taste' in ur group of friends?
How do u find out about new music: Blogs, websites, or by 'lurking' wall 2 wall convos?
Do u h8 entrylevelers who 'brag' about the 'kewl indie music they listen 2' on facebook?

Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a bleepy bloop indie pop band that tons of entry-level alts <3.

Read more>>>>

Washed Out holds live video chat, tons of alts bombard him with questions about chillwave

Artists are under immense pressure to 'use social media + technology' to give fans a unique experience and an opportunity to connect with their brand. Last night, Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene participated in some 'live video chat' where he was on webcam answering questions, and a bunch of alts popped up on webcam to ask him stuff.

The fans seems 'jacked up', in disbelief. They couldn't believe they were talking to one of today's most relevant indie stars.
Fans asked him a bunch of generic stuff. "What gear do u use?" "Where do u find ur samples?" "When's ur next album coming out?" "I'm 17 years old so I can't get into your show, but I am ur biggest fan. Can u let me in?"

Eventually, every1 started asking him questions about chillwave.  Ernest basically would answer with "chillwave is chill.  Genre names are okay, whatever.  Making some new material that is probably more alt/authentic than chillwave, but doesn't completely piss on my chillwave roots."

Ernie was pretty chill, just being a webcamming bro. Didn't do anything crazy like 'show skin' or 'take out his erect penis' [via chatroulette]. Was a chill time, but then his 'internet got disconnected' and tons of alts were sad/pissed. Not sure if he 'stormed out' and just pretended it didn't work because he got tired of it.

Do u wish u had webcammed with Washed Out? What would u have asked him? Do these Washed Out fans seem authentic?

Should artists use webcamming + social media, or should they just chill & make music
What indie superstar do u want to webcam with?
Do u want to webcam with Carles / Panda Bear / Avey Tare / Ezra Batmanglij?
Would u 'pay big money' to see WAVVES + Best Coast webcam?
R u worried about the next phase of chillwave?
Will chillwave evolve?
Is Washed Out going to release 'the album of 2k11'?
Can Washed Out 'make the leap' while Panda Bear is 'on the ropes'?

New Washed Out Video features Ernie Greene chillwaving around the USA


Always wondered what 'life on the road is like' when u become a buzzband. Feel like I finally know what it's like now that Washed Out's video for the hit anthem "Hold On" came out. Really just wanna bro down with him on stage, ride some chillwaves.

Is 'crashing' the Washed Out stage the new 'crashing the Girl Talk stage'?

I think this video means that he is 'moving on' to phase 2 of his career, working towards a second LP, putting the past behind him, using his life experiences as inspiration 4 new chillwave material. Might even 'move beyond' chillwave and write a lofi italo tribute record. U really never know.

Sorta just wanna chill with him on stage and throw down some Elaine Benes dance moves [via Seinfeld bro humor].


Do yall still vibe hard to Washed Out?
How would u describe his signature dance moves?
Do u think Panda Bear should do the Washed Out 'white boy swagger sway' when he performs?
Will Washed Out replace Panda Bear on the high-end indie conceptual 1 man band circuit?
Do u wish u could be in a buzzband and travel around the world, playing ur mp3s for people who read abt u on the internet?
Does it seem 'worth it' to be a buzzband, or would u rather just sit at home and 'dank' all day, reading internet memes?
Which chillwave artist will have the most prolific career: Neon Indian, Washed Out or Toro Y Moi?
Which chillwave artist will have the most well-monetized career: Neon Indian, Washed Out or Toro Y Moi?

Washed Out expands brand, launches new frozenwave ice cream truck

Ernest Greene, AKA "Washed Out Bro" is known as 'the founding father of chillwave' after creating his hit song "Feel It All Around." N e ways, he has merged into a 'legitimate indie force', touring the country and playing relevant music festivals.

This picture seems to indicate that he has 'taken his brand to the next level' and started some sort of ice cream truck. Instead of just selling t-shirts, he is probably selling ice cream to 'keep people chilled out', helping them to conjure up 'nostalgic images of youth' by selling Push Pops, rainbow freezes, Fudge Bars, Banana Fudges, Dream Bars, Ice cream sandwiches, Cookies N Cream ice cream sandwiches, and miscellaneous Skinny Cow 'smart snack' treats.

Do u think this new ice cream truck is 'helping his brand' become more dynamic, or do u think this picture was actually taken as he was working his 2nd job because 2 many people stole his mp3s and he didn't make any money?

What kind of ice cream treat do u hope he sells? Should he sell sno cones/snowballs/'raspas' [via mexis] in order to diversify his product? Should he sell 'pickles' [via a huge jar]? Should he sell 'Sour Punch Straws' and possibly 'frito pies' [via crock pot]?

Do yall think Lemon Chillwave iced treat is gonna 'catch on', or will alts stay 'brand loyal' to Pinkberry/gimmick frozen yogurt establishments?

Do yall support Washed Out's new ice cream truck meme?
Do u think the business will support itself?
Will ice cream treats make it easier 4 bros 2 ride chillwaves?
Will Washed Out's next mp3 sound like 'The Entertainer' [via the official Ice Cream truck circling the neighborhood song]?


Will ice cream trucks replace record labels as the ultimate distributors of band memes?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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An altbro vlogs while driving, feels it all around, tries to drive on chillwaves


Feeling it all around
an altbro in the summer
headband + sunglasses + long hair
wind blowing in my face, windows down

Moustache + soul patch
Shit eating grin

I am driving to a local Chili's to meet with a group of my closest friends
but if I had my way
I would drive my Toyota Chillmobile
right on to a chillwave

ride the waves for a while
then take a deep dive into the conceptual ocean
hearing nothing but the drones of deep sea Panda Bears

Swim back up to the surface, lungs about to implode
Create a bong out of a snorkel mask
Get 'mad danked' on some Great Bro-rrier Reefer

Spend the rest of the day chilling on the best coast, watching the wavves
listening to summer beach jams, conjuring up nostalgic images of youth
and/or nostalgic images of the 50s/60s/70s/80s/90s

But as for now
I am just a bro
vlogging in his car
Feeling shit all around

Some bros feel things as they are and 'chill'
Great bros feel things all around and say 'mad chill'

If u could take a road trip any where in the universe, both physical + conceptual locations, were would yall drive 2?

Washed Out throws down chill ass chill at Pitchfork Music Festival

It has been just over a year since chillwave was 'invented' / was 'born' via the indie ether. It seems like Ernest Greene is just throwing down a chill on stage, playing some hit tunes, feeling it all around. Tank top seems like a chill ass way to beat the heat. Chilling with his Macbook Pro + Midi controller, just vibing, feeling shit all the fuck around.

Seems to be 'killing it'. Wasn't there, but watched a youtube of it.


Do yall think this seems like a chill show?
Does he need to 'add a guitar to his live set' like Panda Bear?
How does it feel to see 'chillwave grow up' and fight for relevancy in front of maltstream music festival crowds?
How can Washed Out take his live brand 2 the next level?
Do u want 2 vibe out at a Washed Out show?
Does he seem like a chill bro?
Do u think indie/chillwave/conceptual artists are 'bullshit' because they 'don't play real instruments', or does appreciating them mean that u truly 'get' modern sound art?
Can chillwave 'compete' in the 2k11 indie armsrace?

VIDEO: Washed Out takes us on a chillwave tour of his chill lake house/studio

Video might not be viewable in ur RSS Reader

Washed Out bro (aka Ernest Greene) is a chill bro from South Carolina who is one of the pioneers of 'the chillwave movement', one of the most important genres of music of the modern world. He made an MP3 for Adult Swim's record label / marketing project [link], then they made this additional video interview to create more branded web content that would get more 'blog buzz.'

He takes us on a chill tour of some lake in Georgia, where he is living and 'recording a new album.' We get to go on a motorboat, a rope swing, to some authentic hot dog joint, and even . He seems like a chill Southern bro, just lounging at the lake, jumping off stuff and splish splashing, riding waves. Wonder if he will get a jet ski with his next round of indie $$$$$.

He talks about important themes like 'isolation', giving us hope that we don't have to be a 'Brooklyn-based' buzzband in order to break thru and become a relevant indie artist. Always thought that 'the indie press' only took u seriously if you listed 'Brooklyn' as ur home in ur myspace profile.

Do u wish u could chill with Ernest Greene at his lake house?
Did he make enough indie $$$ to buy a 'beach house' [via lake house]?
Will chillwave 'last forever' or will the chillwave artists 'break away' from the genre?
Is Washed Out the most talented chillwaver, or will Toro Y Moi 'break out'?
Whose chillwave stock is the highest/lowest? Who would yall invest in?
Should I move 2 Georgia/South Carolina 2 'get in touch with Mother Indie'?
If I live on a lake instead of in Brooklyn, will I become a better artist?
Is 'driving a boat' more authentic than 'relying on public transportation'?

BREAKING NEWS: Washed Out releases new MP3, enables us 2 keep riding chill waves

Washed Out You and I

One of the chillwave genre's core competencies is the fact that mp3s can be rapidly produced on demand. Washed Out seems to have made this mp3 'just in time for the summer', enabling us to ride a 'reflective ass chillwave' back to 2k9, vibing out hard, as if we are feeling it all around again.

KIA seems to have co-branded an 8 song EP with Adult Swim, a cartoon company for adults. Instead of just taking out 'boring ass banner ads', they are associating the brand with buzz mp3s, trying to construct a complete lifestyle brand, enabling artists 2 create art. Sorta feel like we are supposed to listen to this song while we drive around in KIAs. I'm chill with that, just as long as I get to listen to some new Washed Out. Wonder if the next album will be released 'exclusively' to KIA Soul owners.

Wonder if it is 'too reflective' to be a summer jam.
Maybe it is more of a 'post-Spring' jam.

Do u like Washed Out's new MP3?
Is this a successful marketing gimmick by Adult Swim / KIA?
Is it cheesy when brands claim that they 'launched record labels'?
Should more brands commission MP3s?
Will Washed Out ever 'top' his hit song "Feel It All Around"?
Is wavechill dead?
R u gonna buy a KIA Soul?
R u gonna start watching Adult Swim?
R u down with any brand that gives you a free mp3?
What is your favourite car that is marketed to alts who read blogs?
How hard/chill r u vibing 2 this mp3?


Guy on Drugs attends a Washed Out concert, seems 'out of it'/'way into it.'


Some guy attended a Washed Out concert in Houston, TX, and seems like he is 'riding a wave that is beyond chill.' Like he must be under the influence of some sort of drugs, maybe, or maybe he had too many 'Lone Star Beers' [via 'the Texan PBR'].

Part of me wonders if he is 'on drugs', or maybe he was just one of Washed Out's first fans who is finally in a euphoric experience because he is finally 'seeing Ernest Greene live.' So weird when u see one of your fave blog stars live and in person. It is sometimes more rewarding than seeing a mainstream famous person. I think this is how most people are at Animal Collective concerts, but I am not sure if it is because people are spiritally moved by them, or if it is because AnCo is the new Grateful Dead.

Based on this bro's body language, do u think u know what is up with him?
Do u think he 'yacked' outside of the club after the show?
Is he 'the next alt meme', or would it work better if he was a cute lil girl?
If u were standing next to this bro, would u tell him to 'chill the eff out' or would you sorta laugh at him or would you join him?
Is Washed Out attracting a lost techno bro crowd?

I feel worried about the legacy of chillwave now that it is sorta going on hiatus during the Buzz Drought of 2k10. Worried that it might get 'mixed in' with generic drug culture. Like people who are into Sublime will start listening to Washed Out.

Have u ever done drugs & 'made a complete ass out of urself at a relevant concert'?
Have u ever done drugs? What do they feel like?
Who will have the longest career: Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, or Neon Indian?

Washed Out signs to record label funded by Sierra Mist

The monetization of chillwave artists has become one of the most fascinating topics in the post-indie blogosphere. After Neon Indian released a single through Green Label Sound, a record label that is actually an advertising gimmick since it is funded by Mountain Dew, a new chillwave artist has signed with a soda-inspired record label.

Washed Out has signed a 5 album deal with Fuzz Buzz Cola Records, which is underwritten by Sierra Mist, the lemon-lime soda created by Pepsi in order to compete with Coca Cola's "Sprite" brand. In addition, Sierra Mist will sponsor his live tours for the next 2 years, providing him with a luxury tour bus loaded with Pepsi and Anheuser Busch products.

According to a press release:

Fuzz Buzz Cola is excited to bring you five awesome Washed Out records. We're looking to bring indie music fans some of the best music possible, and have a lot of other artists lined up to release albums and singles through our eCommerce portal. Follow us on twitter and be our fan on facebook to get the latest Fuzz Buzz news. We're a Buzzworthy Cola Bringing you the Warm and Fuzzy sounds of today.

Seems like Washed Out bro is chilling in a Sierra Mist

Washed Out pairing with Sierra Mist makes sense. Sierra Mist is a crisp drink, but still lets you chill when you drink it. Mountain Dew is more of an 'extreme' brand. It is tough to tell if Sierra Mist will become the choice drink of alt music fans, but there is certainly a long way to go in order to take over Sprite, since they have cornered the minority market thru NBA advertisements.

Does this signing make Sierra Mist the most authentic lemon-lime soda? Or does it have a ways to go before even topping 7up?

Is Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound 'pissed' that Sierra Mist copied their idea?
Will Washed Out regret this decision?
Did Washed out get a 7 figure deal?
Does this prove that Ernest Greene is the #1 chillwave band?
Is Fuzz Buzz Cola Records the best/worst name for a record label brand?

Green Label Sound

Record Label, Meme

GLS is the record label of Mountain Dew. They pay a buzzband to write an MP3, then release it to blogs in order to get buzz.

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Washed Out Chillwavin at South-Bi

CHILLIN @ SOUTH BI is a new gimmick presented by the Alt Report meant to make our readers feel like they are ‘actually at SXSW’, the relevant music and technology happening in Austin, TX.
Photo by Ryan Muir via Stereogum

I'm Washed Out, and I'm chillwaving at SXSW. I am clearly the 'must-see' act at South-Bi. Right now I feel like James Cameron after he won the Oscar for Avatar and he declared "I'm the King of the World. [via Leo DiCaprio]
Ernest Greene

R u chillin at South-Bi?
Do u wish u were CHILLIN at South-bi?
Is SouthBy mad alt or mad entry level?

Is music better 'live' or on the internet?


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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Video: Washed Out LIVE + new backing band


Washed Out is beginning a new phase in his career. No longer is he just a 'blog darling' who produced some of the most relevant + critically acclaimed mp3 of 2k9. He is an indie artist who must fulfill his destiny--creating crossover hits + going on tour and inspiring crowds in relevant alt clubs + making mad bank/indie dollars. This is the beginning of his first 'extended tour', and it seems like he hired the band the Small Black to help him fill the room with sound as a 'backing band.'

It seems like this tour is some sort of 'beta' test to prepare him for his 'opening slot' for Beach House in ~1 month. Sort of feel like people will enjoy Washed Out more than Beach House, since Beach House's stock has really 'plummeted' 2 weeks after their album release, and people will probably be more 'intrigued' by the evolving Washed Out experience.

Washed Out AKA Ernest Greene bro seems to have constructed some sort of massive ring of lights to serve as a visual aid to his music. This ring might play an important part in the visual evolution of his brand [via the Daft Punk Pyramid theory].


Does Washed Out seem chill live?
Will Washed Out win a Grammy within the next 5 years?
Is chill wave evolving / fitting in with 'the mold'?
Do u buy into the Washed Out live performance, or should he be more/less like Panda Bear?

Will u 'make it out' to the show when Washed Out plays at ur local relevant venue?

Some blogger bro vlogs about chillwave.

In an effort to share good music, solid opinions, and take down pitchfork media dot org, some bro began to vlog about relevant alternative music. The vlog bro has branded himself as 'the internet's busiest music nerd.'

In the selected clips from his youtube channel, he reviews several different chill wave tracks and albums.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around Vlog Review


Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms vlog album review


Toro Y Moi- "Blessa" Track Vlog Review


What was ur fave mise en scène in his vlogs?
Is Anthony Fantano the new Pitchfork album review?
Do u enjoy reading reviews, or watching some1 vlog them?
Who will go down in history as the #1 chill wave artist of all time?
Do u enjoy hearing/reading people talk about what something sounds like, or would u rather just 'stream that shit' and make your own decisions?

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