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William Hung

Unchill AZN Bro’s buzzband gets another gig, keeps ruining chill vibes

Went out to a relevant dive bar / mixed media art space last week
Usually it is super chill, and turns into
a b.y.o.b. type of no-social-pressure
music-not-too-loud type of visual chill experience

Things were going well, but then u know who showed up...
So unchill...
So AZN...
So bro...
h8 u unchill AZN bro
(and ur lil buzzband too)

I wish u'd just 'give it up'
Or maybe just go audition for American Idol
and ride the William Hung wave
except I think he wore Dockers khakis
and not sure if u even know how to wear pants

Worried that one of ur balls might fall out of ur lil shorty shorts
and ruin the vibes for every1
Thinks were really chill
but then ur buzzband showed up and kinda ruined the vibes
Honestly kinda bummed about it.

Wish u'd just learn how to chill
and maybe put on a chill Hawaiian shirt

Are yall getting tired of unchill AZN bro?

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