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Arcade Fire

The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.
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Montreal, Canada

The Arcade Fire wrote the hit song "Wake Up" that was utilized in a bunch of NFL commercials and the hit movie "Where the Wild Things Are."

The lead singer, Win Butler, is married to Regine Chassagne. Many indie experts say that Regine is the 'weak link' of the band and that Win should fire her but he can't because she is his wife.

The Arcade Fire loves to give money 2 Haiti.

They wrote an album called "The Suburbs" abt how America sux.

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Win Butler

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Win Butler is the lead singer bro of the Arcade Fire. He is married 2 some girl in his band named Regine. He is from Houston TX but now claims 2 be from Canada.

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Artists on this label include:: 

Regine Chassagne

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Regine Chassagne is wife of Win Butler. Many say she should be kicked out of the Arcade Fire because she has a terrible voice.

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Ginger Bro from the Arcade Fire

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The Ginger Bro who bangs on a huge drum for the Arcade Fire

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The Suburbs

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