HIPSTER RUNOFF presents #VIPfest #SXSW: An Unofficial VIP SXSW party | Hipster Runoff

HIPSTER RUNOFF presents #VIPfest #SXSW: An Unofficial VIP SXSW party

#VIPfest is a party by HIPSTER RUNOFF. It will be at this year's #SXSW in Austin, TX. This will be #SXSW's premiere VIP experience. No more dehumanizing long lines, empty promises of 'free booze', and being treated like cattle. #VIPfest will be the most relevant party, filled with a roster of mainstream and alt celebs, famous EDM DJs, famous indie bands, and some of the best bands of next year. We'd like to thank our sponsors for letting us roll this out our way, and we will let them do their thing during the party, and with legacy content. Just as long as we are all #VIPs.

#VIPfest: An Equal Opportunity #VIP experience (but not too equal)

Lineup, Venue and details will be announced hours before the event to those who have RSVPed using the VIP RSVP app!
Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012 10 pm - 4 am
Venue: SECRET SPACE, Within walking distance of Red River and Sixth Street
FREE Alcohol, Swag, and VIP giftbags to all attendees.
Ages 16+ to attend, 21+ to drink. Please drink responsibly.

RSVP here by downloading the Free iPhone App. (also compatible with iPads & iPod Touch).

It will generate a QRID code that we will use to verify your reservation. No more waiting in long lines as some one tries to find your name on a list. VIP RSVP will ensure that you are partying VIP style on the last night of #SXSW.

Even if ur not coming to #SXSW, feel free to give our FREE APP a download and let us know what you think!


Link to Download App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hipster-runoff-presents-vipfest/id507255105?mt=8&ls=1
VIP RSVP is the premiere RSVPing app for the most anticipated party during SXSW* Music , HIPSTER RUNOFF’s #VIPfest.

*Note: This app and event is not directly affiliated with SXSW.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Features include:

  • Confirm RSVP
  • Invite friends and confirm guestlist spots
  • On-screen QRID code to verify RSVP status
  • Keep up to date with party updates and artist lineup unveiling

Why do we need VIP RSVP?
One of the major complaints in the partygoing experience has to do with waiting in line, and feeling like you are NOT getting fair treatment and access to an exclusive event. We decided to minimize the line, troubles at the door while some one looks at a guestlist, and try to make sure that party guests really do feel like VIPs.

What if I don't have an iPhone or iPad?
Sorry! Due to coordination with our sponsors, iOS users are the current target market.

So how do I get into #VIPfest without an iPhone? Don't make me lug my iPad there!
If a friend RSVPs for you and claims a confirmation QRID code, you will be able to get into the party with them. Additionally, our technology will work if you or your friend has an iPhone, sends you a screenshot of the QRID screen, and you bring a printed piece of paper or open the screen shot on a mobile device.

#VIPfest will also have a 'traditional line,' but people who RSVP utilizing the app will be given priority VIP access to the party, alcohol, and free swag.

Do you have an Android of Blackberry app?
Our Android app is currently in development. We are not planning on building a Blackberry, RIM or Windows Mobile app, but that could change.

When will the lineup for #VIPfest be announced? When will the venue be announced?
#VIPfest's lineup and venue will be announced at 8:30 PM on the Saturday night of the party. The venue will be within walking distance to the intersection of Red River and 6th Street.

How can we contact #VIPfest for press request and inquiries?
Please contact VIPfestPR@gmail.com in order to get in touch with Karen.

The current release is operating in Beta mode in direct collaboration with HIPSTER RUNOFF’s #VIPfest before being adapted for a wider release.

R u coming to #VIPfest?
Do u wanna be #VIP with Carles?
Did u download the App?

RSVP here...
Don't u want an authentic #VIP experience?
Do u know who is playing #VIPfest?
R u gonna watch the LIVESTREAM?
Do u want to be #VIP?
Will this be #SXSW's MUST ATTEND party?

Plz feel free 2 tweet this hashtag before/after/during the event.

RSVP now! Use the app to #guestlist ur friends.
It's time 2 b #VIP.

#VIPfest: The Ultimate 'SouthBy' VIP Experience.

RSVP now!


I'll see u in #VIP.

R u coming to #VIPfest? #SXSW


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